Brian James C4 Blue Transporter Trailer

Available in 3 widths and 5 different lengths
Maximum 2600kg gross capacity
Up to 1905kg load capacity

Standard Equipment

High Grip Punched Ramps
1.90m high grip punched ramps store conveniently. Profiled guides allow the ramps to slide easily into the deck tray

Multiple Anchor Points
Multiple anchor points and high strength decking provides strap attachment locations and a high level of grip

Protected Rear Lighting
Robust protection to rear lamp cluster

Spare Wheel
The spare wheel can be securely stored on either side of the trailer for convenience

Flush Fitting Centre Deck
Flush fitting centre deck, featuring durable and strong anti-slip deck phenol ply

Optional Equipment

2.4m Ramps
Additional length ramps available for low ground clearance vehicles

7 Pin Adapter
7 pin socket to 13 pin plug adapter

Alloy Wheels
Available in Silver or Diamond cut Anthracite. Alloy wheels features BJT centre caps and safety locking wheel bolts

Cast Steel Coupling Head
Cast steel coupling head with integral high security lock

Security identification system

Deck Slick Pads
Pad raises tyre contact area above the punched deck. Protecting cars with soft ‘slick’ race tyres

Front Storage Bed Locker
Lockable front storage locker with automatic lift lid. Internal size: 425mm length, 90mm depth. Width dependent on chassis load bed width

Fuel Can Storage Box
Designed to carry either 1, 2 or x3 x 20ltr Jerry Cans. Lockable twin opening doors. Available in a choice of Poppy Red, Sargasso Blue and Arcelor Anthracite

High Level Tyre Rack
Transport of multiple spare wheels and tyres is easily accomplished with a high level tyre rack. Its design places the wheels above average bonnet height, so keeping useful space available on the bed. Safety and security of the spare wheels is provided by a unique strap system and a plastic coated cable with padlock

Rear Stands
Specify rear stands to provide support when loading heavy equipment from the rear

Tie-down straps
Approved by car manufacturers and race teams alike, these straps hold the vehicle safely and securely without straining the suspension geometry. Available in ‘sleeve’ and ‘sling’ styles

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
Tyre pressure monitoring system from TyrePal . In-car monitor with external sensors. Features and benefits include reduced fuel consumption, increased trailer tyre service life, improved safety and reduced towing vehicle emissions

Lighten the load with a choice of 3 winches. Manual 2 speed with 3 point adjustable pull positions, manual auto-braked with 6 point ‘quick adjust’ pull positions or an electric solution with 4,500lbs rating (portable 12V power pack also available)

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