Brian James Race Sport Transporter Trailer

Available in 2 lengths and 5 widths

Maximum 3000kg gross capacity
Up to 1860kg load capacity

Standard Equipment

Front Access Hatches
Front access hatches are convenient for reaching inside during vehicle strapping

Large ‘Gullwing’ side access doors
Large ‘Gullwing’ side access doors provide a wide practical access to vehicles from both sides of the trailer

Built-in assister ramps
Aluminium fold out ramps at the base of each door, offer a low loading angle. Powerful magnets retain the ramps in their travelling position

LED marker lamps
LED technology, super-bright and reliable lamps are fitted on front (white), sides (amber) and rear outline positions (red/white), as well as registration plate illumination

Individual lamp array
Stylish, well protected lamps are individually replaceable in the unlikely event of damage. They feature a high quality, automotive bulb holder providing durability and a convenient twist release mechanism for easy bulb access

Multiple anchor points
Chassis located strap attachment points are provided along each side of a Race Sport trailer. A high level of grip and strength is offered by the raised, punched profile of each slot

Rear support stands
Rear stands provide support when loading from the rear

Rear doors
Race Sport rear doors are designed as a combined door and ramp system. Each door can be lowered individually, with gas spring assistance requiring minimum effort

Super Structure
Lighter weight and improved strength, combined with the durability of a hot-dip galvanised chassis is provided by extensive use of specially formulated high tensile steel

Optional Equipment

Alloy Wheels
Available in Silver or Diamond cut Anthracite. Alloy wheels features BJT centre caps and safety locking wheel bolts

Aluminium side storage racks
Aluminium side storage racks on left and right hand side, each having 3 shelves for storage of smaller items. 600mm wide x 76mm deep

Security identification system

Deck slick pads
Cars with soft compound or ‘slick’ tyres, can benefit from deck slick pads placed under each tyre. This raises the tyre contact area level with the punched deck

12V electric winch with remote control
Electric winch, mounted as shown is powered by a fully fitted 12V battery pack. Full remote control is via a wander lead. Winch features free line spool and roller guides. Mains charger supplied

Front storage station
Front storage with space for two 20ltr jerry cans and three storage shelves

Full LED lighting
LED lights are both super bright and reliable. 8 x individual rear lamps are replaced with LED items. All other original lamps are LED technology as standard

Full width wheel chock
Wheel chock, 50mm high to suit cars with low splitters. Bolted in a fixed position

Interior LED lighting
Assists in loading operations at night by providing background night visibility. The ‘Extended’ interior lighting kit has 4 LED strip lamps to provide additional illumination

Auto Retract Jockey Wheel
Strong and practical jockey wheel upgrade provides a high lift facility, improves ground clearance and avoids side clamp slip

Commercial style wheel chocks
Fully adjustable, quick release wheel chock system engages directly into the trailer chassis and is easily adjustable in position

Tie-down Straps
Approved by car manufacturers and race teams alike, these straps hold the vehicle safely and securely without straining the suspension geometry. Available in ‘sleeve’ and ‘sling’ styles

Tyre rack
Transport of multiple spare wheels and tyres is easily accomplished with a high level tyre rack. Its design places the wheels above average bonnet height, so keeping useful space available on the bed. Safety and security of the transported spare wheels is provided for by a unique strap system

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