Brian James T Transporter Trailer

Available in 2 heights and 2 different lengths

Maximum 3500kg gross capacity
Up to 2670kg load capacity

Standard Equipment

50mm ball coupling
50mm ball coupling head with security lock

Full width tail panel
Standard on T6 Recovery models only. The full width tail panel can be positioned for travel to reduce aerodynamic drag, or when loaded and deployed for loading operation. It is a quick and convenient feature with the loading angles required for conventional vehicles. NB: Not intended for sports cars

Individual lamp array
Stylish, well protected lamps are individually replaceable in the unlikely event of damage. They feature a high quality, automotive bulb holder providing durability and a convenient twist release mechanism for easy bulb access. The sealed lamps are further protected by a bodywork housing preventing direct wheel spray. T–Transporter wiring loom is based on a central junction box for easy maintenance

LED marker lamps
LED technology, super-bright and reliable lamps are fitted in front (white), sides (amber) and rear outline marker (red/white/amber) positions as well as registration plate illumination

Multiple anchor points
Multiple anchor points and high strength decking provides strap attachment locations and a high level of grip

Punched steel grip deck
Forming a permanent raised profile, this feature provides positions for location of vehicle restraint straps

Smooth-ride With extensive in-house testing and development facilities in Germany and a history of over 80 years, AL-KO are able to provide an unmatched combination of competence and experience. The choice of either a 10″ or 12″ wheel / tyre size is offered. With 10″ suiting low-loading requirements and 12″ biased towards a super heavy-duty performance

Spare Wheel
Spare wheel mounted conveniently at the front of the trailer

Optional Equipment

7 to 13 Pin Adapter
7 pin socket to 13 pin plug adapter

Alloy wheels
Available in Silver or Diamond cut Anthracite. Alloy wheels features BJT centre caps and safety locking wheel bolts

Front cross-over ramps
Loading a towing transporter and its trailer is quick and easy without needing to unhitch the trailer. All required fixtures ramps are provided as standard, meaning you can upgrade at anytime

Security identification system

Deck slick pads
Cars with soft compound or ‘slick’ tyres, can benefit from deck slick pads placed under each tyre. This raises the tyre contact area level with the punched deck

Manual winch
Manual winch with auto-brake and a removable handle for free-spool release of the cable. The centrally located and articulated pulley block ensures every loading operation runs smoothly

12V high capacity electric winch
Electric winch, by a standalone 12V power pack, available separately. Full remote control operation with free spool and roller guides

8000lb heavy duty 12V electric winch
This electric which makes loading, especially any immobilised vehicle easy. Complete with remote control, plenty of steel cable and roller guide. Power pack available separately

In-deck storage
Keep your straps and tools in a convenient place. Non-locking latch release catch

Front headboard
Protection against road grit damaging the on-board vehicle and provides a secure stop for alternative loads. Features a full width ‘brush’ to allow for winch cables and pulleys. Easy removal make it especially useful for transporting long loads

Hydraulic tilt-bed
Powerful self-contained hydraulic ram powers the tilt-bed operation. Choose your ideal loading ramp solution to go with it

Full LED lighting
LED lights are both super bright and reliable. 8 x individual rear lamps are replaced with LED items

Loading ramps
A choice of 1m, 1.80m and 2.35m loading ramps to suit your loading angle requirements. Ramps can be used on both flat-bed or tilt-bed operation trailers

Rear support stands
Provide support when loading heavy equipment from the rear. Stands are not required on tilt-bed operation trailers

Tie-down wheel ‘sleeve’ straps
Approved by car manufacturers and race teams alike, these straps hold the vehicle safely and securely without straining the suspension geometry

Swivel mount jockey wheel
Used in conjunction with the cross-over loading ramps. The jockey wheel rotates 90° to make the process of loading from the trailer onto another platform easier

Tyre Pressure System
Tyre pressure monitoring system from TyrePal . In-car monitor with external sensors. Features and benefits include reduced fuel consumption, increased trailer tyre service life, improved safety and reduced towing vehicle emissions

Tyre rack
Transport of multiple spare wheels and tyres is easily accomplished with a high level tyre rack. Its design places the wheels above average bonnet height, so keeping useful space available on the bed. Safety and security of the transported spare wheels is provided for by a unique strap system and a plastic coated cable with padlock

Wheel chocks
Fully adjustable, quick release wheel chock system engages directly into the trailer chassis within seconds

Assistor ramps
Pair of lightweight assistor ramps for ultra-low loading

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