Cheval Touring Country Horse Trailer Hire

Model – Cheval Touring Country Horse Trailer

Ref No – BCT16

Gross Weight – 2600kg

Carrying Capacity – 1750kg

Internal Trailer Bed/Box Size – (L) 3200mm x (W) 1670mm x (H) 2300mm

External Trailer Bed/Box Size – (L) 4470mm x (W) 2150mm x (H) 2750mm

Details – Comes with spare wheel, hitch lock and wheel clamp

Other Information –

Suitable for 2 x horses up to 17.2h

Front and rear loading

Pullman 2 Suspension system for excellent towing and handling

1 Day Hire is 24hrs

Prices include VAT

Trailer Hire Rates

1 Day Rate

Extra Day Rate

Weekend Rate

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