Erde 143 General Purpose Trailer

£525.00 Inc. VAT

  • Erde 143 General Purpose Trailer
  • Perfect for Camping and Luggage
  • Features include a tipping mechanism and a removable tailgate therefore making loading and unloading far easier, especially with bulk materials such as earth, sand and gravel.
  • Furthermore recessed light clusters allow for a high level of protection against damage and on the smaller models of trailer such as the 143.2 also allow the trailer to be stored vertically on its end.
  • As a result significantly reduces the area required to store the trailer when not in use.
  • Gross Vehicle Weight  600kg
  • Unladen Weight 98kg
  • Carrying Capacity 502kg
  • Internal Body Dimensions: 1.44m Long x 0.99m Wide x 0.40m High
  • 500 x 10″ Wheel & Tyres
  • This trailer is already built and ready to be towed away from our trailer centre based in Berkshire.
  • In addition we stock Erde 143 trailer accessories including Erde 143 spare wheels, Erde 143 trailer covers and Erde 143 trailer side extensions.
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