Tickners Eco Value Box Trailer

Here we have our great value for money box trailer, the Tickners ECO trailer range.

Our best seller by far has to be the Tickners ECO trailer. The value for money and the generous capacity make it a very good all rounder.

Comes as standard in white or black with spare wheel, jockey wheel, rear prop stands, grab handles, 4 small tie rings, shoring rail and rear barn doors.

The most popular box trailer we stock is the ECO value box trailer, why you might ask? We put it down to the fact that this box trailer is unbelievable value for money and with the generous amount of capacity it features there’s no need to look elsewhere for a standard box trailer. Available in a variety of different colours you can arrive in style as you start your next adventure or event. It may look simple but its anything but, this little beauty of a box trailer packs a punch with its endless amount of space. Join our long list of clients who’ve made this the most popular trailer around.

  • ECO 6 x 4 x 4
  • MGW 500kgs Unbraked
  • Single Axle
  • Payloads from 360kgs