SAS Fortress U Hitchlock (FORTU) 2180761


  • This hitchlock was designed in particular for Tickners unbraked trailers and Apache trailers
  • The Fortress U hitchlock is a solution for unbraked trailers with hitches mounted on A-frame – Bradley D201 cast & most pressed steel hitches
  • Fits the Bradley D201 cast head on most drawbar styles
  • Insurance approved hitchlock completely covers hitch head and bolts
  • Hitchlock will fit unhitched as well as hitched, to prevent car and trailer being separated in a car park or motorway service station
  • The maximum security ‘safe style’ lock on this hitchlock has twin hardened pins to lock and anti-drill protection on the lock to deter thieves
  • Hitchlock finished in zinc passivate and painted bright red for maximum visual deterrent
  • Compact and easily stored which makes it ideal for touring. A tough plastic hitchlock carry case is also available from SAS at an extra charge
  • The SAS Fort U hitchlock fits the following unbraked hitch styles:Tickners
    Blue Line
    Erde – with A-Frame drawbar
    Meredith & Eire