Maypole MP6815 Luggage Trailer

The Maypole MP6815 luggage trailer offers great value for money. This is a perfect trailer for camping, luggage or going to the local tip.  Features include a tipping mechanism and a removable tailgate therefore making loading and unloading far easier, especially with bulk materials such as earth, sand and gravel.  Furthermore recessed light clusters allow for a high level of protection against damage and on the smaller models of trailer also allow the trailer to be stored vertically on its end.  As a result significantly reduces the area required to store the trailer when not in use.

  • Perfect trailer for camping, luggage or going to the local tip
  • Gross Weight: 499kg
  • Unladen Weight: 75kg
  • Carrying Capacity: 424kg
  • Internal Body Dimensions: 1.45m Long x 1.00m Wide x 0.32m High
  • 500 x 10″ Wheel & Tyres

Additional Extras

There are lots of optional extras available with these trailers which can be purchased either at our shop or through our parts website.