Erde Trailers

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Erde Trailers for Sale

Berkshire County Trailers are proud to be an official UK stockist for ERDE trailers.  We offer a wide range of Erde trailers for sale along with accessories and spare parts.

Many of the Erde trailers are great lightweight trailers which offer many options from camping, to carrying luggage, rubbish removal and many other options.

Erde Trailers offers motorbike trailers, leisure trailers and commercial trailers. Available for purchase at our shop in Berkshire or online.

The Erde trailer range has models to suit your requirements. Popular models include the single motorbike trailer, Erde 122 trailer, Erde 143 trailer, Erde 153 trailer, Erde 193 trailer, Erde 213 trailer, Erde CH451 Multi Purpose Trailer Chassis, Erde CH751 Multi Purpose Trailer Chassis and Erde PM310.