Tickners Karting Trailers

Tickners box trailers can be customised for Go Karting! They can be custom built to accommodate 2 or 3 karts and associated equipment including kart stands and trolleys, plus, there is still plenty of room for bringing home the Winner’s cup! From the qualifying rounds to the Championship your Tickner Trailer will be “Behind You All The Way!


Optional Extras

  • Kart shelf system – allows for 2 karts to carried in the trailer. The system is removable and adjustable
  • Extra pair of shelves – ideal in a 6ft high trailer to take 3 karts
  • Tyre racks can be installed to the front or sides so you can plan your wheel/tyres for the day’s racing for all weathers
  • Door pockets are perfect for tools, cans, sprays, oils etc for those quick adjustments and tweaks between races
  • Front box – ideal for straps, cables, petrol cans

Please note that due to rising manufacturer and delivery costs there is an additional £82.50 + vat factory delivery charge on all Tickners trailer orders from 2023 onwards.