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There are four sizes of box vans in the Debon box van trailer range, all of which are braked models. The smallest the C255 has PPL plywood sides. The Roadster 300, Roadster 500 have anodised aluminum planking sides walls. The Cargo 1300 has a full Polyester Body. The Roadster 300, Roadster 500 and the Cargo 1300 come with the unique Pullman Suspension System as standard, the Pullman Suspension comprises of coil springs and gas dampers which gives superb towing and handling qualities.

All the box van trailers a have galvanised chassis and extensive use is made of aluminum in the main framework for lightness and longevity. The aerodynamic one piece polyester roof and nose cone also add to the ease of towing.

The Cargo 1300, Roadster 300 and Roadster 500 come as standard with the clever 2 in 1 rear ramp / van door combination which gives you a trailer with a loading ramp or hinging opening door.