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How to Choose One?

Selecting the right tow bar can feel like a completed process which is why our team at Berkshire County Trailers are here to help. We can supply tow bars for fitting either at your home or at our premises in Warfield near Bracknell in Berkshire.
Our customers come from all areas of Berkshire including Maidenhead, Slough, Reading, Windsor, Bracknell, Wokingham and even Newbury. Customers often find it convenient to purchase a towbar especially if they are also looking to purchase a trailer or bike carrier. Caravan and motorhome towbars are also available.

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The two main things to decide on is the type of tow bar and the type of tow bar electrics.

Types of Towbar

There are two types of tow bar; fixed and detachable with two style versions. Flange tow bars are usually a bit cheaper to fit and suited for commercial towing whereas the swan neck tow bars are less bulky and a sleeker design.

Flange Type Towbar

A flange towbar has a faceplate with the tow ball bolted to it and was previously the most common option used in this country. However, more vehicles have parking sensors fitted as standard, so it is becoming less common due to the chance that the parking sensors will pick up the flange ball.

A flange towbar is a popular choice because of its versatility in compatibility with different accessories and tow balls. For example, it is an excellent choice if you require an AL-KO tow ball or a ball and pin coupling. In terms of accessories that could be attached, you could make the most of tow steps, stabilisers and bike racks, among many more.

Swan Neck Towbars

A swan neck towbar has a much more sleek design than the bulky shape of a flange towbar, making it more aesthetically appealing on your vehicle. The one-piece neck has the tow ball attached, and with its narrow design, it is much less likely to trigger parking sensors. For this reason of their compact and neat nature, it is becoming much more popular in the UK, whereas previously, it was traditionally used in Europe.

However, it must be noted that the swan neck design is not compatible with towball-mounted accessories such as bumper guards and certain cycle carriers. The upside is the swan neck Towbars are compatible with Alko Stabilisers without needing to buy an Alko Towball.

Fixed Towbars

As the name suggests, a fixed towbar is permanently affixed to your vehicle and is often a cheaper price alternative. It is also popular as it requires significantly less maintenance than a detachable option. If you have a commercial vehicle or tend to tow often, a fixed towbar might be the best option for your requirements.

Detachable Towbars

Just as sturdy and safe as a fixed towbar, a detachable option has the advantage of being able to remove the neck. It doesn’t affect your car’s appearance and can be hidden when not needed. You also don’t need to worry about opportunists, as detachable towbars come equipped with a safety lock on the neck, which means they cannot be removed.

Towbar Electrics

Depending on what you are towing and of course personal preference, there are three types of towing electric sockets to choose from single 7 pin electrics (12N towing electrics), twin 7 pin electrics (a combination of 12N and 12S towing electrics) and single 13 pin electrics.
Once you have chosen the type of towing electric socket you then need to decide on a tow bar wiring kit. There are two types to choose from; universal wiring kits which fit all vehicles and is cheaper and dedicated wiring kits which fits specifically to a single vehicle.
If you have any questions about towbars, please feel free to CONTACT US as we would be happy to help.

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