Brian James CarGo Connect Transporter Trailer

From £2,509 ex. VAT

Available in 2 lengths and 5 widths
Maximum 3500kg gross capacity
Up to 2725kg load capacity

Standard Equipment

Connect System
In every corner of the CarGO Connect chassis and placed at points in-between are high strength ‘Connect Nodes’. Each node represents the ability to click into place a variety of posts for options such as side systems, headboards or ladder racks. No tools, no fuss

LED Marker Lamps
Super-bright, ultra-reliable LED lamps are fitted throughout. LED technology, super-bright and reliable lamps are fitted in front (white), sides (amber) and rear outline marker (red/white/amber) positions as well as for registration plate illumination

Level Ride
Models featuring larger wheels are fitted with a lowered overrun housing draw bar, ensuring that the tow ball is matched to the optimum height for level towing

Multiple Anchor Points
Multiple attachment hooks and slots along both sides and front for securing loads with ropes and straps

Punched Steel Grip Deck
Forming a permanent raised profile in two tracks this feature provides permanent grip for wheeled vehicles

Smooth ride
CarGO Connect Compact trailers are designed for long distance and heavy loads. Axles and suspension technology is by AL-KO, Europe’s largest trailer equipment manufacturer. Choose from either a 10″ or 12″ wheel / tyre size. 10″ for the best in low-loading or 12″ when a super heavy-duty performance is a priority.

Super Structure
Super-strength steel used in the main chassis fabrication is complemented by two additional longitudinal beams just below the 18mm thick phenol ply anti-slip centre bed. Lighter weight and improved strength, combined with the durability of hot-dip galvanisation

Optional Equipment

7 to 13 Pin Adapter
7 pin socket to 13 pin plug adapter

Alloy Wheels
Available in Silver or Diamond cut Anthracite. Alloy wheels features BJT centre caps and safety locking wheel bolts

Alu-Tread Deck Overlay
Compliments the standard high grip steel deck, and protects the 18mm ply decking from severely abrasive environments

Cross Loader Kit
Incorporating a swivel and lowering jockey wheel, this ramp solution allows quick and hassle free cross-loading from trailer to transporter

Security identification system

Drop sides
Kit features a removable heavy duty headboard, a full set of 0.3m high drop side panels constructed from 2.0mm galvanised steel, precision securing posts and include fail-safe quick release latches. Panels and posts are fully removable without tools using the Click & Connect system

This strong and practical headboard is fully and easily removable. Especially useful for transporting long loads

High Grip Tail Ramp
A high strength, easy ramp solution for tilt-bed operation trailers. Spring assisted for low lifting effort

High grip, full width tail ramp with high panelled side extensions
Combines a high strength, easy ramp solution for tilt-bed operation trailers with high panelled side extensions. Spring assisted for low lifting effort

High panelled side – standalone
CarGO Connect offers the flexibility to configure high panelled side extensions as a standalone feature, requiring no drop sides to be fitted. This will suit the transportation of scrub and brush materials in site clearance or maintenance operations

High panelled side extension kit
High panelled side extension kit enabling the transport of bulkier loads. Lightweight, yet robust panels can be individually removed, along with the quick release retaining posts. This enhanced functionality makes CarGO Connect easily configurable

Hydraulic ramp pump
Powerful self-contained hydraulic ram powers the tilt-bed operation. Choose your ideal loading ramp solution to go with it

Ladder Rack – Side Extension
Tyre pressure monitoring system from TyrePal . In-car monitor with external sensors. Features and benefits include reduced fuel consumption, increased trailer tyre service life, improved safety and reduced towing vehicle emissions

LED Lighting
LED lights are both super bright and reliable. 8 x individual rear lamps are replaced with LED items. All other original lamps are LED technology as standard

Loading Ramps
Choose between 1.80m and 2.35m loading ramps to suit your loading angle requirements. Ramps can be used on both flat-bed or tilt-bed operation trailers

Long mesh ramp with high panelled side extensions
Combining a long tail ramp, single height drop sides and high panelled side extensions makes an ideal solution for the varied requirements of many landscaping operations

In-deck storage
Keep your straps and tools in a convenient place. Latch release catch (non-locking)

Rear Support Stands
Specify rear stands on flat-bed trailers to provide support when loading heavy equipment from the rear

Torsion bar
Enclosed torsion option eliminates need for external springs meaning corner posts can be removed to allow loading of wider payloads. Torsion bar also allows for easy manual lifting of ramp

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
Tyre pressure monitoring system from TyrePal . In-car monitor with external sensors. Features and benefits include reduced fuel consumption, increased trailer tyre service life, improved safety and reduced towing vehicle emissions

Full width wheel / machinery chock
Quickly repositioned to suit varying loads or vehicles. Fitting positions are provided right along the full length of each trailer

Lighten the load with a choice of 2 winches

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