SAS HD2 Wheel Clamp 1221701


  • Original HD2 wheel clamp for steel wheels 1221701
  • Insurance approved SAS wheel clamp for your trailer or caravan with steel wheel
  • Wheel clamp to fit 10-15″ steel rims and 165mm-225mm width tyres
  • Maximum wheel nut diameter 25mm
  • If your trailer/caravan steel wheel nut is larger, please consider the SAS HD3 wheel clamp
  • One-piece wheel clamp that covers a wheel nut, wraps around the wheel and locks securely in seconds
  • This wheel clamp boasts of a high security steel encased lock and twin locking mechanism for maximum security
  • This SAS wheel clamp weighs under 5kg, making it ideal for touring, yet very secure for long term storage as well
  • Compact design makes it easy to store when not in use
  • Painted bright red for maximum visual deterrent and to put thieves off on sight
  • C = 160 – 225mm
  • D = Maximum 280mm

Wheelclamp Supaclamp Duo Size Guide