SAS Roller Shutter Door Locks & Housing Keyed Alike 6610016


  • High security bullet locks for roller shutter doors with lock housing, supplied in pairs
  • Each lock comes with 2 keys and there are 2 locks per set making a total of 4 keys on the same key number
  • The length of the pin on the lock is 53mm
  • Fits by welding the tough lock housing to the roller shutter door runner and the pin locks through the roller door
  • Adds maximum security to your roller shutter door
  • Roller shutter door locks used to secure garage roller doors and shop shutters
  • This roller shutter lock offers additional locking security, when installed in the guide rails of the shutter system. Can be added as additional security to your premises, as well as what is already on your roller shutter door
  • The lock holders do not have screw ports therefore will need to be welded onto the shutter door frame
  • The roller shutter door locks bullet locks have 53mm bullet ends to fit through the roller door. If this is too long, grinding down the bullet ends may be necessary
  • The locks fit through solid galvanised steel lock holders that are welded onto the shutter door frame. Both locks in the pair will be on the same key number when supplied, we cannot supply spare locks post purchase
  • If you require a spare, please call the office and we can take an order over the phone. On the other hand, if you have the lock holders only, we can supply the locks separately in keyed alike pairs – please call to order
  • The lock housing needs to be welded to the roller track at the side of the roller shutter
  • Ideally you would weld these at around 3-5 feet off the ground for ease of use so they can be easily removed when locking and unlocking
  • Once welded in place, take a metal drill and drill through the roller side runner whilst the roller shutter is in its shut position. You should then easily be able to fit and remove the lock from the housing