TentBox Security Alarm for Roof Tents


Introducing the latest product in our Security Solutions range… the TentBox Security Alarm! This compact and powerful 113dB alarm system will keep your beloved TentBox safe and secure whether you’re out adventuring or parked at home.


  • Loud deterrent: after arming, touching the alarm or removing the TentBox from your car will cause a very loud sound (113dB) to be emitted
  • Easy-to-install: simply attach to the bottom of your TentBox with the included adhesive strips
  • Remote controlled: arm and disarm using the remote. A beeping sound will signal that the alarm is armed
  • Discrete: the alarm is hard to notice, and even if noticed it will emit a very loud noise when touched

What’s Included?

  • Security alarm
  • Remote control to arm and disarm
  • Parts required to fit the alarm to your TentBox