Tickners GB Braked Box Trailer

To carry heavier items or for greater piece of mind we have the Tickners GB trailer range.

For when a larger payload is necessary the Tickners GB trailer is our strongest box trailer on twin braked axles with a key to lock your trailer to the towball.  The GB Braked Axle Box is available in eight different sizes, plus a choice of 5 or 6ft width. Suitable as a towing vehicle for heavier motorcycles such as Harleys, Goldwings, and trikes, the GB can be rated at 1200, 1400, 1600, or 1800kg.  Tickners have built these for model steam trains and 6inch scale traction engines and prove to be popular with driving schools for B+E training and light removals. Depending on availability from Tickners suppliers they may use alternative parts or materials of equal quality.


  • Two braked axles with 500X10 8ply tyres
  • Knott KFG20 coupling with lock and handbrake
  • 13 pin Euro style plug with reverse light
  • Aluminium treadplate mudguards with mudflaps
  • 48mm serrated jockey wheel and 34mm rear prop stands
  • Fitted spare wheel
  • Galvanized chassis and metalwork
  • 12mm phenolic coated birchwood floor
  • 4 tie down rings and lashing rail
  • Twin rear barn doors with two locking T handles
  • Suitable for domestic & light business use
  • Trailer Gross Weight Unladen Weight Internal Length Internal Width 5ft Internal Width 6ft Internal Height Overall Length Overall Width 5ft Overall Width 6ft Overall Height
    GB755 1800kg 405kg 2100mm 1455mm 1755mm 1470mm 3370mm 1950mm 2250mm 1960mm
    GB756 1800kg 440kg 2100mm 1455mm 1755mm 1920mm 3370mm 1950mm 2250mm 2410mm
    GB855 1800kg 450kg 2430mm 1455mm 1755mm 1470mm 3700mm 1950mm 2250mm 1960mm
    GB856 1800kg 475kg 2430mm 1455mm 1755mm 1920mm 3990mm 1950mm 2250mm 2410mm
    GB955 1800kg 495kg 2720mm 1455mm 1755mm 1470mm 3990mm 1950mm 2250mm 1960mm
    GB956 1800kg 520kg 2720mm 1455mm 1755mm 1920mm 4235mm 1950mm 2250mm 1960mm
    GB155 1800kg 540kg 2965mm 1455mm 1755mm 1470mm 4235mm 1950mm 2250mm 1960mm
    GB156 1800kg 565kg 2965mm 1455mm 1755mm 1920mm 4235mm 1950mm 2250mm 1960mm
    Shaped Front +40kg +285mm +250mm
    Ramped Tailgate +10kg -25mm

Optional Extras

  • Shaped front and door
  • Side door
  • Ramped tailgate
  • Karting systems
  • Motorcycle wheel chocks
  • Heavy duty recessed deck rings
  • Shelving system
  • Roof bars
  • Colour options

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Please note that due to rising manufacturer and delivery costs there is an additional £82.50 + vat factory delivery charge on all Tickners trailer orders from 2023 onwards.