TentBox Cargo 2.0 Roof Tent


The new and improved Cargo 2.0 is built tough due to its aluminium exoskeleton. It’s the easiest TentBox to open, taking just 30 seconds and it can be closed with just one hand. The materials have had a serious upgrade and there are tonnes of new features, such as a comfier mattress, a skylight, an integrated LED light and a removable porch.

Sleeping capacity: 2 people

Set up time: 30 sec

Opening mechanism: Automatic

Wind rating: Up to 39mph (Gale force 8)

Seasons: 4 season

Internal weight capacity: 300 kg

Anti-bug mesh: Yes, on all windows and doors

Store bedding inside: Yes

Integrated storage: Cargo net on the roof and side pockets

Ventilation: 2 vents in pod fabric + vents in the base

Skylights: One

Summer mode: Easily removable porch

Ladder: Telescopic, with spring-loaded brackets

Entry: From either side or the end door

Lighting: Integrated LED light bar